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Building homes, workplaces, hotels, and places to shop for more than a century.

We are advocates for green spaces, safe streets, great schools and any other element that improves quality of life and bolsters civic pride. We approach each place as a “Center” in its community, where a complimentary layering of homes, hotels and workplaces are brought to life through events and services to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. A place where people can come together. A place where people can thrive.

Carr Companies was founded by Oliver T Carr in 1930.

Every employee is "family" sharing in both work and rewards. Carr has been building homes, workplaces, hotels and places to shop for more than a century. Recognizing and responding to change has been the cornerstone to our success in adding value to assets by improving the lives of the people they serve. Carr is dedicated to creating a healthy mixture of uses in desirable locations by working together with all stakeholders both public and private to deliver the best end result for the communities in which we develop.

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