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Through the fostering of growth in our community and celebrating its successes, together, we can make the world a better place.

Effective 2020, Rising Stars – a foundation dedicated to raising money to ensure that at-risk children receive a proper education and are recognized for success from a young age – officially changed its name to the Carr Community Foundation, with a new focus based around workforce development, community service, and public safety. Carr Community Foundation will continue to strive to raise money that will support organizations which help all communities thrive.

Since 2011, our philanthropy was built on the personal giving philosophy of the Oliver T. Carr Jr. family. This philosophy – that every child is uniquely special and deserves a proper education – has served as the backbone to driving the foundation’s purpose and mission. Carr Community Foundation believes that through receiving a quality education, everyone can go on to become outstanding members of our societies. By supporting community programs, Carr Community Foundation ensures that at-risk children believe in themselves and possess the knowledge that no matter where they come from, they can achieve anything.

Alongside Carr Companies, a corporate partner of the foundation, the Carr Community Foundation holds several fundraising drives throughout the year. In the fall of each year, Carr Workplaces, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carr Companies, organizes a month of direct giving and fundraising events that support organizations such as The American Red Cross, Slice out Hunger, and the YMCA.